Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Piggy Flu and Heavenly Helpers

Today is my first day back on the job after almost 2 weeks of sick leave. Two weeks ago today, we were on our way home from UT with 21 youth from our ward at the conclusion of our General Conference Road Trip (more on that later). The next day, I started to cough and exhaustion set in. Wednesday, more coughing, more couch time, but add a headache and some nausea. Thursday morning, my mom drove me to see my awesome Dr. who booked me a suite at the hospital for the next 4 days.

Influenza A was the verdict, (most likely H1N1, but it takes state labs a ridiculous amount of time to make that determination) something they don't take lightly when you are 29 weeks preggo. Anyway, about 6 liters of fluid later, IV antibiotics, Tamiflu, a cocktail of Vicodin and Ambien, a chest x-ray, a handful of non-stress tests and an ultrasound, I was still weak, but baby girl was as active as ever and they let us go home. The worst part of being in the hospital was getting phone calls to let us know that one by one our kids, my parents, my siblings and their kids were dropping like flies with the flu. Talk about feeling a little responsible! In the end we are all on the mend, everyone has finished thier Tamiflu and we are slowly returning to life with the living! Last night, I put on real clothes, make-up and drove my car for the first time in 13 days.

I have to give a shout out to my amazing family for picking up all the pieces during my stint in the hospital and for the few days after I got home. They took care of my sick kids and then took care of me AND my sick kids, when they were sick themselves. Family and friends brought meals for a week, which was so nice not to worry about. Thanks to all for the phone calls, texts and emails letting us know you were thinking of us. We truly appreciate all the love!

And now a word to the wise...keep washing those hands, covering those coughs and sneezes, and get your seasonal flu shot. AMEN