Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Simple Request from Jenna

Jenna is one of my sweet laurels and I think she wanted to see just how dedicated I am to my YW. She was helping me out the other night and was telling me she was disappointed that I had not updated my blog in "10 whole days." She wanted me to post stuff about myself so I promised her if she sent me an email of questions I'd answer them and post them on my blog. She left my house just after midnight and the next morning I had an email with over 200 questions she finished composing at 2:20 AM! She's nuts and I love her! So here it is...just for you Jenna!

Starting Time: 8:52 PM
Full Name: Crystal Marie Lemme
Nicknames: Scoop, CS, Love

Birthday: December 4th

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Allergies: Conifers

Shoe Size: 9 or 9 ½

Glasses/contacts: Neither
Schools attended: John Campbel Elementary, BVE, OHMS, OHHS, BYU
E-mail: those who know me, know it
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Natural Blonde (at least that’s what color my mom makes it)
Height: 5’ 5 ½’’
Siblings: Sarah, Dustin, Kyle and Jeremy (I’m the oldest)
Your best physical feature: Hair, most of the time
Ever cheated or cheated on: probably in some dumb high school romance
If you could be a color of a crayon, which one would you be: Pink
Ever faked sick: I remember one time at my Aunts house when I was about 5 or 6
Ever had braces: yep
Kept a Secret from Someone: definitely
Had an imaginary friend: I don’t think so
Wanted to date your best friend: yep
Cried during a movie: Only since I’ve been married and had children
Who is your "star crush": Brad Paisley or Tim McGraw
Fears: spiders, snakes, disappointing people
Pet peeves: people who complain about being too busy, or disrespectful people
Lefty or righty: righty

All I am, or can be, I owe to my angel mother. (Abraham Lincoln)
Drink: Milk
Movie: CARS
Movie Genre: Romance Comedy
Music: Country
Number: 10
Dessert: Cheesecake
Band: Don’t have one
Chocolate bar: anything with peanut butter and chocolate
Candy: hot tamales
Day of the Week: Friday
Reality show: Survivor and Deadliest Catch
Food: strawberries or cheese
Type of phone: Samsung flip phone (it was free)
Animal: miniature turtle
Brand of clothing: Ann Taylor Loft
TV channels: food network, CBS, ABC, NBC, Discovery Channel
Restaurant: Claim Jumper
Shampoo: Paul Mitchel
Songs: Letter to Me, When I said I do, Tough, Mr. Mom, Size Matters (to name a few)
Actor: Owen Wilson or Matthew McConaughey
Actress: Julia Roberts
18 yr old: hmm, let me think about that…Jenna
Hymn: Lord I Would Follow Thee
Prophet: Gordon B. of course
Bible story: 10 virgins
BOM story:
Alma the Younger
Book: Twilight
Book series: Twilight
Mythical creature: Vampire! (only because of Twilight though)
Word: LOVE
Parent: I’m not going to answer that one
Sibling: I’m not going to answer this one either
Boy names: Asher and Michael
Girl names:
Halle and Haven
Sport to play: Softball or Volleyball
Sport to watch: Football
Card game: Peanut
Cartoon: Charlie and Lola
Disney movie: CARS
Diaper brand:
Kirkland Signature
Singer: Brad Paisley
Bellevue Square or Alderwood
Restaurant: Claim Jumper or Cheesecake Factory
Fast food joint: Chipotle or Qdoba, Pot Belly Deli
Board game: Settlers of Cataan
Get-to-know-you game/interactive game: Bippity, bippity bop
Church calling: YWP
Clothing store: Ann Taylor Loft (Nordstroms for shoes)
Grocery store: Albertsons
Fruit: Strawberries and Peaches
Steamed vegetable: Broccoli
Meal: Chicken Enchiladas
Breakfast: French Toast

Sandwich: French Dip
Smell: cocoa butter
Cake: yellow
Cookie: peanut butter oatmeal with chocolate chips
Drink: Milk
Soft drink: Sprite
Donut: maple bar
Ice cream: Baseball Nut (or jamocha almond fudge when I’m not with my husband)
Color: certainly celery
Summer/Winter: Summer
Website: all my friends blogs

Holiday: Christmas

Do you like to sing? Yes
Do you like to sing in the shower? No
Do you like to sing when people request you to? Not especially, but I’ve been known to do it before
Do you like to sing to your children? Yep
Do you like to sing Disney songs? Definitely
Do you like to sing at church? yep
Do you like to sing to people as a reward for their hard work and dedication? You know it!

Gold or silver: Silver
Sunset or sunrise: Sunset
Ski or snowboard: Snowboard
Hike up mountain or walk on beach: Walk on beach
Hot or cold: Hot
Lace, Silk, or Satin: Satin

Who have you known the longest out of your friends: Michael
Who is the shyest friend you have: can’t think of one
Who do you go for when you need advice: My hubby, mom or sister
Who do you get along with: Most everyone

In the last 2 weeks have you…
Cried: NO
Been Mean: Yep
Been sarcastic: Yep
Been yelled at: Yes, by grumpy children
Kissed someone: Yep
Hugged someone: Yep
Wished upon a star: No
Laughed until you've cried: Almost
Played Truth and Dare: Nope
Watched a sunrise/sunset: Yes
Went to the Beach at night: No
Are you lonely: No
Are you happy: Definitely
Are you talking to someone online: No

Do you believe in…
God/Devil: Yes
Love: Yes
The Closet Monsters: No way
Superstitions: No
Your YW: 100%

Half Empty or Half Full: Half Full, it’s the only way to go
Who named you: Mom and Dad
When was the last time you showered: yesterday
Last person you talked to on the phone: Mom
Are you a cuddler? Sometimes
Do you ride roller coasters? Definitely
Do you tend to rip the paper off water bottles? No
How many pillows are on your bed? 4
What is something you say when you are mad?
Latest dream: Don’t remember
When were you the saddest in your whole life? When Mike left on his mission
Is it easier to forgive or forget? Forgive
Is there a movie you always cry at when you watch it? Steel Magnolias or Step Mom
Can you say the alphabet backwards? No
Are your underwear and socks folded in your drawers, or just thrown in? Folded
What was the last thing you said online: I don’t talk online
What is right next to you: a pile of magazines
What is your computer desk made of: Maple
Where did you go on your honeymoon: Rosario Resort
Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with: My family
How's the weather: cool and damp
Things you find attractive about the opposite sex: patience, attentive, great with kids, when they do dishes
What is your favorite snack: apples and peanut butter
How do YOU eat an Oreo: dipped in milk
All time favorite T.V. show: Cosby Show
What do you want to be when you grow up: Mom and Nurse
If you could change your name, what would it be: don’t have any idea, I like mine
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope
The most stupidest thing you've ever done: can’t think of the stupidest
My husband/wife's name: Michael
First Daughter's Name: Halle
First Son's Name: Asher
Worst Fear: That something terrible would happen to my family and I wouldn’t know how to cope
You like scary or funny movies better: Funny
On the phone or in person: In person
If you could change something about yourself: that I could eat whatever I wanted and weigh 140 lbs
Where were you born: Yakima, WA
Do you have any pets: a goldfish named Tia
Who sent this to you: Jenna Marie
What do you think about this person: She’s a rock star!
Do you like the person who sent this to you: what a silly question, of course
Do you like to fill out these things: not usually, but for Jenna I will
If you could go anywhere on vacation where would it be: Hawaii
Anything you want to say to anyone: Nope
What did you do last night: went to YW in Excellence and then crashed at home
On a typical day you are wearing? Jeans and a t-shirt
When you go to bed you're wearing? jammies
How often do you exercise? Not often enough
What are the preset stations in your car? 94.1, and a few others I never listen to

Eaten by a lion OR Eaten by thousands of small insects? Lion
Skydiving from a plane OR Bungee jumping off a bridge? Bungee
No television OR No music? No TW
No more pizza, ever OR No more chocolate, ever? No more pizza, that’s an easy one
A trip to Europe OR a trip to
Hawaii? Both please
An hour with your future soul mate OR An hour with a lost loved one? An hour with a lost loved one
Sex without love OR love without sex? Love without sex any day
How many times have you been in love? Real love…just once
Looking back, how do you feel about that person now? He’s the best
Biggest turn offs include? Bad manners
Your ideal date with your hubby would be? Dinner and shopping for a new outfit or two
The one you immediately go to with a problem? Husband

The most rational? Mom
The funniest? Catherine
The one you spend the most time on the phone with? Sarah
The craziest? Alyssa
The most honest? Sarah
The Randomest? Jenna?
The one you've gone through the most with personally? Sarah
The quietest? Can’t think of one
The one you want in your life always? Michael
The purest? Don’t know
The smartest? Don’t know
The most athletic? Alyssa
The most compassionate? Candise
The last one that said I love you? Sar

I talk: ??
I love: my cute kids
My first real kiss: Mike
I hate it when people ask: Was this pregnancy planned?
Love is: unconditional
Marriage is: fun, but not easy
Somewhere, someone is thinking: it’s bedtime
I'll always: ??
The last time I cried was because: of business purchasefrustrations
My cell phone: is old! (don’t you think I need an iphone?)
When I wake up in the morning: I feed my kids breakfast
Before I go to bed: I say my prayers
Right now I am thinking about: how much it would cost to have someone clean my house…j/k
Babies are: the best!
I get on Myspace: never
Today I: paid bills, ugh and took my kids trick or treating
Tonight I: am filling out this really long survey for Jenna
Tomorrow it will be: errands and a visit to Children’s hospital to see Claire
I really want to...: take guitar lessons

Of times I have had my heart broken: just a couple
Of states been in: 15
Of times received roses: too many to count
Of hearts I have broken: maybe a couple, max
Of guys I've kissed: 4
Of tight friends: lots
Of CDs I own: don’t have any idea
Of DVDs I own: ditto
Of shoes I have: probably around 20 pairs
Of shoes my kids have: who knows
Of scars on my body: a few
Of things that I regret: I try not to think about it

Do you want your friends to do this survey: sure
Which one of your friends is most likely to respond: I don’t think any of them are crazy enough to spend an 1.75 hours answering these awesome questions
Which one of your friends is least likely to respond: see above

Time finished:10:30 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A few of your favorite things please

OK friends, I know it's hard to believe, but it's not too early to start Christmas shopping. My goal this year is to have all my shopping done by December 1st so that we can spend the few weeks before Christmas enjoying the season. So the purpose of this post is to exchange ideas for the perfect gifts for children. I'd love to know about the things that have stood the test of time in quality and likability. I'm particularly puzzled by what to buy for an 18 month old boy (I have no trouble finding things for girls.) So I'll start by sharing a few of our favorite things and then I'll anxiously await all of your brilliant ideas.

  • The Kidkraft Retro Pink Kitchen, currently at Costco for $169. Boys and girls alike love this kitchen.
  • Melissa and Doug wooden food toys. These are the ones that are sold at Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod (both of which replace the Melissa and Doug label with their own). has a great deal right now on these food sets. If you buy three food sets, no matter what price, you'll get the food groups set for free. Also there is no sales tax and free shipping on purchases greater than $50! I got a similar deal last year and saved a couple sets for birthdays.
  • Little Tikes Easy Store Table. This is a picnic type table that folds flat. I got it a couple years ago on sale for $35 (watch for Toys R Us adds). We absolutely love this table. We bring it camping, to ward picnics, use it in the house as a kid table when we have company as well as in the backyard.

  • Dress up clothes, sold at Costco in a cardboard chest, for about $30. We have two sets of these and they are always a hit.
  • LeapFrog DVDs. My girls love these and have learned a lot from them as well. Costco also sells these from time to time for $6.99!
  • The Junie B. Jones series (very funny stories from the life of Junie B. as she goes through Kindergarten and 1st Grade)
  • The LeapFrog LeapStart Learning Table. I'm not sure if they make this anymore, but it is awesome for kids ages 9-24 months.
  • Veggie Tales - bible stories told by vegetables. Need I say more? My kids also love their music on CD. I love to hear my kids belt out old gospel songs with Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber! I think walmart sells the CDs for $7 or $8.
  • Mega Bloks Mega Play Adventure Castle. Mike's parents got us a used set of these blocks and then a new set as well. I googled them to see if they are still available and they seem to be on backorder (or maybe not available anymore), but I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a set on ebay or craigslist.
  • A few of our favorite books... Julius, the Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes; Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox, Charlie and Lola: I will never, not ever eat a tomato, by Lauren Child; any of the Lets Talk About (also called Help Me Be Good) series by Joy Wilt Berry. These are books about teasing, being selfish, sharing, interrupting etc. They were originally published in the 70's, so the best place to find them is probably eBay. There are over 20 books in the set, all of which teach great principles. My kids love these books and often threaten to pull them out if someone is not behaving appropriately!
So here is my list of kid gifts that have been money well spent. It's funny (and enlightening) to think about all of the things we have bought that the kids couldn't care less about! Hopefully this list will be helpful and inspire you to fill me in on your favorites. Thanks in advance!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

good food, old friends and great fun

So tonight we had a little reunion with dental school friends! It's our first get together since graduation, when we were poor college students. Now just a few months later, we meet again, this time as poor dentists! Kind of funny how that works. We treasure the relationships we have with our friends from school, they truly are like family. Until next time guys!

P.S. We miss you Jordan and Kara, Mark and Katie, and Auburn and Dave!

Feasting at Claim Jumper (yummy)... Alex, Anna and Mike

Louisa, Brittany, Halle and Lance

Michael Layton, Justin, Catherine, Haven and Asher

Myself, Sarah and Theron
(Notice how my children were sitting by everyone but their parents, it was a really enjoyable dinner!)

the Whole Gang, what a handsome bunch!

Monday, October 15, 2007

More Mischief

I was doing dishes today, and Asher was playing with the muffin tins and cookie sheets in the drawer under the oven. (My sink and oven are on opposite sides of the kitchen, so my back was to the oven.) I turned around to find Asher opening the oven door to retrieve his muffin tin! Don't worry, the oven was not on, but remember my comment about a future trip to the ER...I think I'm doomed. After I snapped a couple pictures (I guess that is pretty confusing for the poor kid, but what about my blog), I closed up the oven and put an end to pretend baking in the real oven. Boy was he angry! If he wasn't so darn cute, he would be in a lot of trouble a lot of the time.

I'm not sure how a teaspoon of chocolate frosting can turn into a complete chocolate beard and have a little left over for finger painting, but Asher did it!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Why I shouldn't update my blog when Asher's awake!

This is what I get for trying to sneak a few posts in while my sweet baby boy is awake! Asher had been downstairs with me, but decided that upstairs must be more interesting. I heard him overhead in what sounded like the bathroom so I ran upstairs to find him playing in a pile of powder makeup, which he had sprinkled all over the outside of the tub and then tossed the powder container into the tub (he loves to throw things in my tub)! No major harm done, and at least he chose to make the mess in and around the tub.

This little experience brought to mind a debate I have with myself, my husband and many friends...if you could choose the sex of your next baby, what would you choose and why? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE my Asher, but my answer remains a girl. I think two girls and a boy is and would be a great pattern to continue (maybe when their teenagers, I'll think otherwise)! I'd love to hear you thoughts on the debate.

Is this normal?

So a couple days ago, my kids wanted to play with the basketball in the garage. I overheard Halle telling Haven they should put their helmets on just in case the ball hit them in the head. Haven thought this was a brilliant idea because, "basketballs have wood on the inside!" The next think I know all three kids are wearing their helmets and practicing their passing skills with their dad. It was a pretty funny sight, Asher especially. He looked like a bobble head. A helmet on Asher might actually be a good idea, maybe even save me a couple trips to the ER (I'm pretty sure one of those adventures isn't far off). So the real question is, does anyone else's kids prefer to wear a helmet when they play basketball?

Go Wildcats!

There was standing room only at the OHHS Homecoming football game last night. So we had a little hot dog and otis spunkmeyer cookie picnic on a blanket spread out on the asphalt next to the bleachers! Who needs a bench seat anyway? The Wildcats won by a couple points in the last few minutes of the game, woohoo!

The best seats in the house!

The men in my life!

Fun with Kara and Dallin

Thursday afternoon we had a play date with our friends Kara and Dallin. The kids always play great together which is so nice for us moms. They built a castle, decorated pumpkin sugar cookies and no play date with Kara and Dallin would be complete without dress-up and a dance party!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Grab your tissues and count your blessings!

So as most of you know, I recently finished working at Seattle Children's hospital on the hem/onc (cancer) unit. In my quest to stay updated on the progress of my cute little patients and their families, I referred to this great website, Lynette Johnson is a photographer who takes pictures of children with life threatening health conditions and their families. She does this free of charge as a gift to the families who are dealing with the unimaginable. The pictures are heartwarming, and a great reminder of how blessed we all are. So take a minute and check out the photographs of these precious little people and their amazing parents.

(Claire's family was in our Issaquah ward. She is currently in the hospital undergoing a bone marrow transplant. If you have a spare second to offer a prayer for Claire and her family that would be greatly appreciated. You can checkout her Caring Bridge site, linked to the right.)

Treasured moments

This was probably our best conference weekend yet, thanks to DVR and the fact that I didn't have to run off to work. I loved the talks and of course have a long list of things to work on. Two of my favorite talks were Elder Oaks (on simplifying our lives and focusing on family) and Sister Beck (upholding, nourishing and nurturing family-very similar to her Gen. RS address). Saturday night while the boys were away at Priesthood session, the girls and children got together and made apple dumplings and homemade ice cream. When the men returned we ate our treats and discussed what they had learned. I'm so grateful for our living prophet, President Hinckley, and the other general authorities who prepare wonderful messages specifically for our time.

The following pictures are a montage of this weeks happenings. Enjoy!

Can you guess who this picture is of?

President Hinckley, by Halle Lemme.
(I especially love his bald head, tie and the pulpit!)

Haven, comfy during conference, snuggled up with me in my jammies.

October skies from our back porch!

Asher tries to feeds baby Hailey (no babies were harmed in the photographing of this moment)

Two of my cute Laurels during our planning/caramel apple making activity! Jenna, in the blue, and Sarah.

Kissing cousins! Rylin and Asher

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"To the left, to the left..."

Tonight Danny and Sarah had us over for dinner. Sarah has been helping out at the office the last couple days and Danny has been holding down the fort at home. Anyway, Danny prepared delicious enchiladas with all the appropriate sides and we made gourmet caramel apples for dessert. After dinner, Aunt Sar and the kids had a little "dance party" to the song you are probably hearing now (if your computer volume is up.) It is pretty funny to watch all the kids sport their best dance moves, Asher and Brinlee included!

Haven and Beyonce have similar moves (and matching junk in their trunk)!

Sarah with one of my "craving creations," a caramel apple drizzled with peanut butter and milk chocolate.