Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sun and Buns

As many of you know, we had amazing weather in western Washington last weekend, with temperatures in the high 70s! It was fabulous. After telling the kids "No, we're not going to fill up the pool," more than a few times, we decided the sprinkler was a good compromise. So they donned their suits and sunscreen and headed out back for some fun in the sun.

Our friend, Kara

I simply could not resist comparing bottoms in this picture. Kara was wearing Halle's new swimsuit, which she obviously has a little extra room in. Haven on the other hand, never has extra room when it comes to anything that will cover her buns!

I think Haven's buns are one of her best features! I dedicate this picture to my friend Debbie, who whenever she says Haven's name, she follows it with, "she has the best buns," while making squishing motions with her hands. I hope this picture brings a smile to her face!

Ingredients for fun... sun, friends, and water

P.S. When Haven first tried on her new suit she said the top, triangle part was like mine (I think she was referring to my bra) because it covers her "nibbles." Gotta make sure those nibbles are covered :)


Lemme said...

I love that booty!!! I also love that you are back to blogging more often!!

debbie said...

I LOVE those buns!!!! Thanks for posting it, you totally made my day and made me smile!!!!

Love ya,

Jill said...

CUTE! Love the nibbles story, and that is a cute bun for sure :)