Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crystal's Christmas Top 10

Here is my Christmas Top 10, not in any particular order.

1.  The Nativity production put on by Halle.  

2.  Sharing the holidays with so much family.

3.  Our go "big or go home" real Christmas tree.  My brother was pretty sure I had picked the biggest "frickin" tree at the tree farm.  18 strings of lights, a couple hundred bows and one Angel Moroni tree topper later, I think it looked pretty cool.

It was a sad day when the tree was too crispy to keep up.  I got a kick out of Mike and his brother squeezing it out the front door. 

4.  Snow, and lots of it.  I loved that the kids had 3 extra days of winter break and that we had plenty of time to play in the snow!  Dakota could not get enough of it either.

I love this picture of Halle with snow hanging out of her mouth.  I have a ton of pictures of my kids just sitting around eating snow.

5.  Taking a nap on Christmas day.

6.  Hosting Christmas dinner in my red PJs.  

7.  Christmas morning gratitude.  Asher opened each gift with the utmost excitement and then proceeded to hug and thank the gift giver.  I heard Haven say, "I can't believe I have a rocking horse."  Kids really do complete Christmas.

8.  Watching Halle strategically stack her "stash" exactly like I used to.  Notice the piles next to the green couch in the following picture.  My family had watched old family Christmas videos the week before Christmas and my sister was totally making fun of me for stacking my gifts all neatly.

9.  My rocking new running shoes designed especially for me by Halle and Mike.  There will only be one other pair exactly like it in the world.  Mike forgot to order a wide so Nike corrected the order and said they send all returns to a third world country.  Can't you imagine an African woman running in her hot mama Nikes?

10.  For Christmas the girls got tickets to see  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle.  They LOVED it!  This picture was taken right before we hit the road.


Jen said...

How fun to have custom-designed "Hot Mama" shoes. I love Dakota's excited picture in the snow.

Linda said...

So I am totally jealous about the 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I hope it was wonderful. It looks like you had a great Christmas. My sisters always made fun of stacking my presents neatly too. Where did Mike find the shoes?

jill said...

looks like a very merry christmas indeed! hey crystal, We just had a job interview in that close to where you live?

Kristi said...

Oh my goodness love the tree, love the cutie pie kids (7 brides for 7 bros! awesome!!!!), LOVE the shoes! Those are awesome! What a cute, fun idea!

DustDust, CiCi, and RyRy said...

I love how Dakota dog is floating throught the air.

Jenna said...

Man, I spoke just about 12 hours too soon! Darn it.
Ok. We are good at this now...
1. Did you record any of it?
2. Everyone <3 family.
3. Seriously.. I thought the thing was going to eat me.
4. That is a way cool picture of Dakota. And what? No pictures of snow ice cream?
5. Naps are truly heaven-sent.
6. Nice red PJs.
7. That is so much fun. It sounds like the kids were thrilled and thankful.
8. That only leaves Asher to have to walk around in his underwear.
9. Intense. They're even better in person. Has anyone whistled at you while you've been flaunting them? Or anyone yelled, "Hey, Hot Mama!"?
10. The girls look so classy. That's so terrific they had a good time.
Good work, President. Love ya

Lemme said...

asher is SO big!!!

(i stack my presents too)

Place Family said...

I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, it is one of my favorite movies. That is such a great gift. I can't wait until Paisley gets big enough to do all of those fun things with her.

Jennifer said...

You family is SO cute! My kids eat snow too, to the point that when they are asked what their favorite food is, SNOW is the answer!
Glad your family is doing well!

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Hey Crystal! So back to see you updated your blog! Cute pics and I LOVE that you hosted dinner in your always were a girl after my own heart! :) Favor: I have love LOVED reading Tyson and Calley's blog - - she is such a quirky write and their girls are darling. I didn't want to add my name to her "blog stalker" list before she went private since she doesn't know me...but could you put in a good word for me and see if I could get an invite to continue to be able to peek in our their little fam?? Thank you!! :)