Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi everyone, I've hijacked the blog. Crystal's asleep and not blogging. Oh yeah, she hasn't been blogging for a while. She's pregnant and not blogging. Anyway, thing's have been pretty busy this summer. So I will just post some photos. Enjoy.

                     Building a cardboard train  with Haven.

Fisherpeople at the reunion in Sweet Home Oregon.
Asher as "Adam."

4th of July at Lake Sammamish.

                 Halle in Yakima at Uncle Eric's Farm.

Happy birthday YaYa!

      Halle really wanted me to take pictures of her jumping into the pool, sweet, huh?

                     I went to Las Vegas for a class in June.

Dakota got to a chicken on the counter (she isn't even supposed to be inside). 
Asher knows somedog is in trouble.

Crystal's been playing softball every week, for the K9's (sponsored by yours truly).

Grandpa mowed our pasture... and our dog fence.

I'm beat, gonna go to bed.



Such fun pics. Way to go Mike for posting for Crystal! It was so fun to see your family on the
4th. And we are so excited for your family with your coming addition!

d.c.r.k. said...

Under the softball picture, you forgot to mention she has been playing while Pregnant.

The Gardners said...

Good job Mike . . .I was about to remove you guys from our blog list!

Mom said...

Horay for you - so nice to see an update - good job Bobby! :)

Jen said...

Wow Mike. Do you give blogging lessons? Maybe I could get you to teach my little friend named Ryan?