Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall Medley

So I'm not sure where October went, but here is some documentation that I was there!

I got the girls new "church coats". As soon as they put them on they said they looked like missionaries. So let me introduce you to Sis. Lemme and Sis. Lemme.

At the pumpkin patch with cousin Rylin. Just another demonstration how the BOB is so much more than a stroller!

All the cousins before we embark on a trick or treating frenzy in downtown OH.

The shark and the skunk had the best seats of all!

Shark kisses for Grandma, watch out for those teeth!

Ballerina Haven

Ice cream cone Halle. I wish I had a quarter for every time someone said they wanted to take a lick.


Melynda said...

So Cute!

the Stokes said...

Oh my gosh, they do look like sister missionaries. May they never have a companion with the same last name. Whew, that would be confusing.

Cute pictures and costumes.

weibling said...

ok so I loved the costumes and I'm sorry I think we should try to squeeze yaya into the shark every year on halloween just to see how much he's grown!

Kristi said...

ADORABLE!!!! Ya just gotta love halloween!

catherine yeates said...

oh my word, those coats are so dang cute on the girls, and asher's costume is to die for. i love the fact that he is giving kisses to everyone. they all look SO cute in their costumes!

Derek and Rachael said...

great costumes, Crystal! And super cute kids! It's fun to see your blog. I hope things are going great for you all.

the Stokes said...

I'm sorry, but what the heck does Rylin have on her hands in the BOB? Did she bring puppets to the pumpkin farm?

Lemme said...

okay...the ice cream cone...seriously!?!?! I LOVE IT!!! Your kids are the cutest and I can't wait to see everyone when we come for Christmas!!