Thursday, June 19, 2008

Farewell Kindergarten

Today was Halle's last day of Kindergarten, and I'm pretty sure it was just last week that I was blogging her FIRST day of Kindergarten.  It's crazy to think of how much she has learned about getting around in the world in a matter of months.  I'm so proud of her for being an awesome student and kind friend!  

Here's Halle and one of her besty friends, Luke.  We carpool with Luke and if ever he missed a day of school and Halle had to walk from the car onto the school grounds by herself, she was a very sad and emotional girl.  I'm excited to see what great friends they'll be in the coming years. After all, Luke says he's going to marry Halle!

Today was also the Kindergarten music program.  It was so fun to watch the kids perform all of their favorites with such pride!  I've included a video of MY favorite that makes me cry every time I hear it.  Grandma Soptich was able to come to the program too and it's no wonder why I get so emotional sometimes :)  (Sorry the video is a little small.  I was just proud of myself for figuring out how to put a video on using Mac!)

Halle giving Ms. Hanson-Walker just one more hug
(also pictured, Maddison A.)

Last week, the kindergarten classes were supposed to go on a field trip to a local park for their Field Day.  However, when we arrived a school, ready for the adventure regardless of the crappy weather, the kids were very disappointed to find the trip had been cancelled (more than a few tears were shed).  I'm pretty sure they were all most excited about the bus ride.  Anyway, the teachers did their best to make the most of the day, including some field day events under the playground shelter.  We started the outdoor events with a treat of course.  

Halle rocked at the belly-ball relay!  She put the boys to shame.  Here she is with cute Luke again.

There's nothing to it!


KellyAnne said...

12:08 AM? Go to bed! :)
Halle is absolutley adorable. What a sweetie!

Kristi said...

Congrats! You are gonna have a big 1st grader next year eh!?

It really does seem like just yesterday you were blogging about her first day of kindergarten! Time flies!

Jennnnnna said...

Cute cute cute! I'm sure she was the best sign-languager up there!
I can see it now... ten years from now and she'll be in pre-calculus with Turner teasing and favoring her because she's dating his son... weird.
Hey man.. why the heck didn't you just call me up?!?! Would've been down there in a jiffy.

Jen said...

I can see why that song made you emotional. I am a big gushy mess just watching the video.

Alisha said...

They grow up way to fast don't they! I can't believe Asher's 2! Life is crazy.

By the way, Matt and I were going to call you the morning before we left for Oak Harbor but we decided it was too late notice. We did think about you though! We actually looked for Mike's practice but didn't see it. Next time - I promise!!

Mom said...

Lucky girl to get Grandma Soptich up there - you must be something SPECIAL or huh? Tell Halle she did a great job!

Love ya,
Aunt Carrie