Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The YaYa turns 2

Last week was Asher's 2nd birthday so we invited LOTS of family and a few friends to help us celebrate.  The weather had been really wet all week and the day of our party was to be the same.  That morning I prayed for a little break from the rain during our celebration, but was prepared to have 35+ people in our house for the festivities.  Around 3 PM, Mike said, "Is that the sun I see?"  Sure enough the clouds parted and we were able to have our entire party in our backyard!  At one point, I looked up in the sky and could not spot one single cloud, only blue as far as the eye could see.  We enjoyed a BBQ, birthday cake and ice cream and awesome company!  Then no joke, just as our last guest was leaving the blue sky began to disappear and there were some mean looking dark grey clouds on the horizon.  Now who would dare say that Heavenly Father doesn't hear our prayers...even in the case of a 2 year-old's birthday party and his mother's sanity?

The kiddos right before Asher unveiled his birthday gift

Cousin Jo, the birthday boy and our friend Luke

The cousin table (Haven, Jake, Parker and Kaden)

Aunt Sar, Uncle Danny, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Ciera, Grandpa Lemme, Uncle J, and cousin Brin in the highchair

The "plair plane" cake and cupcakes.  What did people do before they could surf the internet for party ideas?


Asher checking out his new "cracks" (aka geotrax)!  Notice the sunlight in this picture...I'm telling you it was amazing.

Asher loves the Hallmark musical cards.  Can you tell by the look on his face?

Joanna, and crazy Aunt Tammie (my mom's youngest sister) and Aunt "Thar" as Asher calls her

The kids thoroughly enjoying Asher's birthday gift

Grandma Barrett taking Asher and Rylin for a wagon ride

This picture cracked me up.  It was if Jeremy, Kyle and Rob were standing guard.

The following are just some funny pictures of Asher.  I really can't believe his is two already.  He is such a sweet and polite boy.  After he opened each of his gifts, he repeatedly thanked the person who gave it to him.  I love his mischievous smile, blue eyes and squishy legs.  

Happy Birthday Asher

Asher at 6 days old


Jennnnnna said...

And it was a bangin party. Good work President.

He is such an amazing guy. He is such a blast and he truly is ridiculously sweet.

Jennifer said...

Don't you love it when everything works out perfectly? Jealous of all of the family right there - although we are the ones who moved away from ours - but how fun to have everyone there to celebrate.

Kristi said...

What a sweet little guy! I hope we get to see him in "real life" before he gets to old!
I just love it when everything works out perfectly like that! It is beautiful!

Lemme said...

so fun!!! I wish we lived closer so we could attend all these incredible parties you throw!! Guess you just didn't think of having bodyguards!! Thank goodness for protective uncles!!

Danny and Sar said...

cute cute ya ya. I love that he looks exactly the same as he did as a baby...cute face, luscious lips, and red hair! happy birthday ya ya!

fünf said...

great party, crys. I never knew you loved Australia so much. My kids we very approving of the cakes. I love the pic with the mommy daddy hands around the feet-- have to remember that for next time.


oh and we'll be out there around the end of July.

KellyAnne said...

I can't believe he was ever that tiny!

Heidi A said...

I can't believe he's two already. Time really does just fly by.

genevieve said...

I love the baby pictures. Those are so priceless. Nice work on the cake too. super creative.