Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to School 2009

School started late here on Sept. 10th and now that it is the 21st, I figured it's about time I posted the traditional back to school pictures.  We started the festivities the night before with a tasty dinner and back to school cupcakes with a friendly reminder from Pres. Hinckley to "Be Smart."  Daddy gave blessings, the girls picked out one of their new outfits and then we tucked them into bed...where they goofed around for way too long because they were so excited!

Halle, the big 2nd grader!

I liked this picture of Halle in her class line.  It's a good representation of just how tall she is.  (She's the one with the black and white backpack.)

Haven started Kindergarten this year.  It seems so crazy to have two kids in school.  She did awesome on her first day, I was so proud of her!

Both the girls had their nails polished for the first day of school.  They looked fabulous!

We've had some great weather this month.  The girls celebrated the first day of school by running through the hose that afternoon.

This was the second day of school.  We actually have a bus this year that picks up and drops off at the end of our drive way.  What a blessing!  (Come to find out the bus made the same stops last year, but I was totally unaware.  Oh well.)  This was Haven on the second day of school, looking so darn cute.  She hopped on that bus like such a pro.

On a side note, this is where we usually find Asher when we go to bed.  We tuck him in to his bed and then when it's our bedtime, we find him sleeping tightly in our bed.  The other night we had put all the kids to bed and then were sitting our bed chatting when Asher rounded the corner with a wad of blankets, ready to tuck himself in.  The look on his face when he saw us was priceless!


Lemme said...

love halies school girl knee highs!! love havens huge red bow and i love love that asher thought he was tricking you all this time!! didn't he realize that mom and dad probably know he's sleeping in their bed when he wakes up in HIS bed every morning?

btw...we'll be in oh the 10th-ish to the excited to spend some REAL time with you guys!!!

jill said...

Crystal, your kids are so darling! I love Halie's hair, and that haven is such a ham for the camera...too cute!

Linda said...

I loved you cupcakes. You always have such great ideas!

Mom said...

Ya gotta love those back to school pictures! Priceless now and in the years to come :)

Jenna said...

Holy cow, I can't believe how tall Halle is! You need to stop letting her drink milk or something. The girls look wonderful and Asher is awesome.

Dawnell said...

Wow, your family is growing up! I love your back to school cupcakes... that's the Crystal I remember! Hey remember a few years ago when you told me I needed a blog, and I said I didn't have time for a blog? Well, I guess I've got more time now:

It's only a couple weeks old, so see my first entry for our quick update.

I hope you guys are doing well!


Your girls are getting so grown-up! I am sure they are loving school! And your cupcakes are darling.

We had our Fabulous Friday last night and I couldn't help but think of you! :) I hope you are feeling well and baby too!