Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Yeates Came to Play

A few weeks ago, our good friends the Yeates came for a slumber party! There was good food, as always, backyard football, garage sale-ing and time spent in the wading pool. Its been so fun to see our kids grow up over the past few years and still have a blast together.

Haven, Halle, Freddy and Alastair (Aug. 09)

This is how everyone felt after our time together...exhausted!

Freddy and Halle helping Haven across, just two years ago!

Baby Haven and Alastair!

Catherine and I are both expecting babies in December! Here's to many more years of fun!


cat said...

seriously? we ALWAYS have so much fun with you guys. i can't believe our babies in the last picture.
thanks for the awesome time.
oh and get excited for your new babe's present. i just ordered part of it and it rocks!:)

merideth said...

hey i would love to follow catherines blog... will you give her my email?
i really liked her back in the day of card making in issaquah.