Monday, December 3, 2007

Fun at Ensign Ranch

So here are some snippets from our little Christmas getaway last weekend. We went to Ensign Ranch in Cle Elum, WA. We started the tradition last year and already have dates for next year. We love it. Even though we all live within a couple miles of each other, we never get to spend a full weekend together. I felt like it was a great start to December and the Christmas season! For other funny pictures of our time at Ensign Ranch, checkout my sister, Sarah's, blog!

Grandma playing foosball with all of my kids.

Asher opening his new fire truck from grandma and grandpa. He couldn't even wait for us to get the bag off before he climbed in!

The stay puff camo man

Along for the ride!

Mike and Asher and Halle race on their sleds. Checkout the clouds that dropped a foot of snow our last night at the lodge!

At the starting line of the fire truck drag race!

The aftermath!


the Stokes said...

I love the pictures. It looks so convincing of a fun time that I am starting to feel up to the big weekend on the 15th. Thanks for sharing the pictures. And yes, I think that we are twins. We must have the same hair fairy.

weibling said...

I love the action shots lady! classic. And don't hate me for the ol' snowsuit shot... had to be done. Happy Birthday sis.

Jill said...

Oh my goodness, that looked like so much fun!!!!! I totally miss my family, we just moved from Utah to Missouri this year and it has been hard.
Anyways, it is totally fun catching up with you again. I remembered you were a nurse because I was in the nursing program at Wyview and couldn't wait to be done. That is awesome you do SU too! I love it. I am going to Palm Springs for Leadership in January and then we bought on the cruise for Bermuda since I didn't earn it this you go to any events or have clubs or anything? And how awesome we have the same middle name. Too funny.
Your family is so cute!

SarJen said...

Lucky.. oh man. Looks like a way ridiculous amount of fun. And Sarah could have been there and everything...