Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Boy and His Boots

Mike mentioned in his post that Asher loves his boots. It's the truth, he wears them all day, everyday, unless I insist otherwise. I got a kick out of this moment the other day when Asher was trying to get his boots on. He hasn't figured out how to put his boots on while sitting down. He always has to step into them. In this case, he had placed the boots a little too far from the couch and couldn't reach them without letting go of the couch.

Asher is growing so fast. He seems like such a big boy these days. His vocabulary is growing daily, consisting of "es please (yes please), ok, paci, blankly, outside, bampa (grandpa), ay plane (air plane), shoes and the latest, train." All "s" and "pl" words sound like you might be spit upon when he says it. Before last week, Asher always called Mike mama. For some reason, he has started calling him "Ga." I think Mike is just grateful to be called something other than mama. He is Mr. Destructo and the first to dump any bin or basket he can reach. If he wasn't so cute, he'd be in big trouble!

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SarJen said...

He's such a cool kid... Megan's going to have too much fun with him!