Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike and Halle

We kicked off Mike and Halle's birthday week with a family party on Sunday. That meant 20 loved ones at our home for BBQ pork chops with the works. All I can say is, thank goodness for a backyard AND an evening without rain so the kids could go out and play! We celebrated Grandma Barrett's 75th birthday as well, since hers is just 2 days before Mike and Halle's. Grandma and Mike shared a cake this time and Mike blew out the candles before Grandma got a chance (I think she was hesitant, because she was worried she would spit out her teeth as she blew). We love you grandma Barrett!

Jenna (one of my rock star laurels) left Mike and Halle a special chalk message the morning of their birthday, and...

a special poster and gift!

I love this picture because it is a perfect representation of how the girls felt at each other's birthday. When will they be able to let the other have their special day without feeling gypped?

The aftermath of the time it takes to light 29 + 6 candles! Don't worry, Mike's key lime cheesecake was not affected by all the wax...yummy.


Candise said...

Happy Happy Birthday you two! And Crystal, we must have the recipe for the oh-so-yummy looking key lime cheesecake...wax and all!

cat said...