Sunday, October 7, 2007

Treasured moments

This was probably our best conference weekend yet, thanks to DVR and the fact that I didn't have to run off to work. I loved the talks and of course have a long list of things to work on. Two of my favorite talks were Elder Oaks (on simplifying our lives and focusing on family) and Sister Beck (upholding, nourishing and nurturing family-very similar to her Gen. RS address). Saturday night while the boys were away at Priesthood session, the girls and children got together and made apple dumplings and homemade ice cream. When the men returned we ate our treats and discussed what they had learned. I'm so grateful for our living prophet, President Hinckley, and the other general authorities who prepare wonderful messages specifically for our time.

The following pictures are a montage of this weeks happenings. Enjoy!

Can you guess who this picture is of?

President Hinckley, by Halle Lemme.
(I especially love his bald head, tie and the pulpit!)

Haven, comfy during conference, snuggled up with me in my jammies.

October skies from our back porch!

Asher tries to feeds baby Hailey (no babies were harmed in the photographing of this moment)

Two of my cute Laurels during our planning/caramel apple making activity! Jenna, in the blue, and Sarah.

Kissing cousins! Rylin and Asher


weibling said...

Hey is cutie Asher just handing out the love or what? Bring it on man! cute pictures

Emily said...

Love the pictures of the kids. I also love the picture of the prophet! That is so frame worthy. I also loved Sister Beck's talk and also the pictures at both women's conference and General Conference of the family with 8 kids!! I also loved Brother Eyring's talk on recognizing God's kindness and recording the hand of the Lord in our lives and our family's lives. Sometimes I feel like I am the pig eating apples under the apple tree and I never look up to see where the apples come from!

catherine yeates said...

love this post. i always think that conference gets better each year, but i know that it is just the fact that i appreciate it more!