Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is this normal?

So a couple days ago, my kids wanted to play with the basketball in the garage. I overheard Halle telling Haven they should put their helmets on just in case the ball hit them in the head. Haven thought this was a brilliant idea because, "basketballs have wood on the inside!" The next think I know all three kids are wearing their helmets and practicing their passing skills with their dad. It was a pretty funny sight, Asher especially. He looked like a bobble head. A helmet on Asher might actually be a good idea, maybe even save me a couple trips to the ER (I'm pretty sure one of those adventures isn't far off). So the real question is, does anyone else's kids prefer to wear a helmet when they play basketball?


The Soptich clan said...

Pretty much this cracks me up. And it has also made me more aware of the dangers of basketball. So I am going to buy my whole family helmets also.

Emily said...

Safety first! way to go! Watch all the neighbor kids are going to start doing this now. So cute - I love the way kids reason.