Saturday, October 20, 2007

good food, old friends and great fun

So tonight we had a little reunion with dental school friends! It's our first get together since graduation, when we were poor college students. Now just a few months later, we meet again, this time as poor dentists! Kind of funny how that works. We treasure the relationships we have with our friends from school, they truly are like family. Until next time guys!

P.S. We miss you Jordan and Kara, Mark and Katie, and Auburn and Dave!

Feasting at Claim Jumper (yummy)... Alex, Anna and Mike

Louisa, Brittany, Halle and Lance

Michael Layton, Justin, Catherine, Haven and Asher

Myself, Sarah and Theron
(Notice how my children were sitting by everyone but their parents, it was a really enjoyable dinner!)

the Whole Gang, what a handsome bunch!


catherine yeates said...

you are THE woman for posting this so quickly. it was SO much fun. next time we just need to tack on a shopping trip afterwards!

Higham Family said...

How sad we are to not be there with everyone. Thanks for sharing pictures though; glad it was fun for all.

merideth said...

crystal are you growing your hair out? good luck if you are...i think i am going to try it again too.

Brittany said...

Check me out--leaving a comment two days before my deadline!

It was SO fun to see y'all--we are definitely looking forward to the next time. Since there are no CE courses in our neck of the woods . . .next time will definitely be in Seattle.

Catherine--you're hilarious for complimenting Crystal on her prompt post time--I see your comment was left shortly after the post.

What can I say, I'm learning from the best!

Auburn & Dave said...

So fun! Wish we could have been there!