Monday, November 3, 2008

20% off Stampin' Up!

Just in time for Christmas, I'm offering a 20% discount on your entire Stampin' Up order!  Stamps, designer paper, handy tools and card/scrapbook kits make awesome gifts for the crafty folks on your list.  Simply call or email your order to me by this Thursday (the 6th) to enjoy the 20% discount!  Click below to view the online catalog and current Stampin' Up promotions and new product lines.  If you would prefer to have a hard copy of the beautiful and inspiring Idea Book and Catalog just let me know.  Also, for your convenience, Stampin' Up is now accepting credit cards!  Happy stamping!


Jenna said...

President!!! It's been years. When are you having your Dec & Jan stamp camps? It was so nice to get that comment from you. I hope you're doing swell. You really need to blog about your life sometime soon. Love ya

Jen said...

Phew. I was worried because I realized I didn't place my Oct order on Nov. 1st. Thank goodness the sale is extended. Don't let me forget this one. I just have to decide what to get.