Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween 2008

Our fabulous pink poodle

The too cute bubble bather

The "yeehaw-giyup-hrse" (translated: yeehaw giddy up horse) cowboy

Trick or treating with cousins is simply the best


Jenna said...

ASHER IS SO BIG!!!! Oh my goodness.

Lemme said...

love it!!! a poodle?!!?!? hahahahaha!!!

Kristi said...

They all look soooo cute! I love the costumes!! It looks like you had such a fun Halloween!

Jen said...

How did you get that bubble-bather in a seat belt? SHEESH those look like involved costumes.

Sarah said...

Those are the best costumes I saw this year! I tagged you, so check out my blog.