Sunday, November 9, 2008

Silly Snapshots

Caught in the act.
Asher sporting his sisters dress-ups.  Mike loves this side of YaYa!

Halle's "routine." (click on the picture for an easier read)
Halle loves lists like her Mama.  It's no wonder my house has so much paper junk laying around.  How does someone throw away treasures like these?

Haven's pouch.
Haven would be an animal in her next life, if that were possible!

No, Mike is not a polygamist.  Halle's insisted on getting a picture before our friends the Yeates left.  The kids were being a little (ok a lot) crazy and Halle was taking her time getting everyone in just the right spot.  I think us grown-ups did a pretty good job hiding our "get on with it" faces.  Great picture Halle!

Just call me resourceful!
This picture demonstrates how to keep an ice pack on the noggin of a 2 year old.  Asher sported his icy head-dress for about 30 minutes until I came to take it off.

When do little girls learn to match?
This is what my girls pick to wear AND the reason they don't get to pick when we're leaving the house.

Before I left on my 10-day girls trip, we had a family home evening where we taught Mike to curl hair.  Before this FHE, one of my major concerns about my trip was that my children would go to school looking homeless.  Mike was a great student, don't pay any attention to the look on his face.

Haven sporting a pair of my favorite new shoes.  Haven has appreciated fashion since she was old enough to talk.


Jenna said...

I need to get some fashion tips from those girls. Seriously.

Candise said...

The shoes are great...they go so well with that dress; which is darling by the way. Where did it come from?

Lemme said...

i love that she has "go potty" on the list!!! I miss you guys!!! welcome back to blogging!!

Linda said...

I love Halle's list. I have the same problem with the paper pile up.