Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mr. Caterpillar

Haven met a new friend while we were working in the yard last week.  She lovingly named her furry caterpillar "Caterpillar."  Creative, I know.  She let the little bugger crawl all over her for a good hour and giggled to herself every few seconds with pure delight.

Meet Caterpillar

Asher takes advantage of the photo-op with his view finder.

Asher Ant
(The limbs we trimmed off some of our bushes made great antennae and antlers!)


our story said...

yikes that is one crazy looking ant! PS I am really glad that caterpillar did not "escape" his little home at my little home the other night!

genevieve said...

I love the taking pictures with the view finder. That is too cute.