Monday, September 3, 2007

Back to School Haircuts

Halle is so excited to start school on Thursday! That's right, my first born will be in Kindergarten this year. How did that happen? Anyway, Halle wanted a new "do" for school so we all followed suit and got our mops trimmed. Of course this is when living 70 seconds from Grandma's house is so convenient!

Halle doesn't appreciate having her bangs trimmed, it tickles her nose. This face is actually her interpretation of the face she really made before I had the camera out.

Almost done, great job Grandma!

Haven and her new bangs! My dad told her to come and tell me that she can see now. Real nice Dad!

Asher got to sit all by himself in Grandma's hair chair. What a big boy!

Asher was helping Grandma with the comb she gave him as a distraction, nice try!

Asher waited for his haircut with Grandpa. This is my dad's favorite way to sit with his grandkids!


ReBeCcA said...

Catherine told me you started a blog. Super cute! Isn't living by family the best? You can find us at you don't care, i will link you to my page.

The Soptich clan said...

Hooray for your new posts! I love the Halle "re-enactment". And your kids in their underwear. It is all classic, and makes me feel like a normal mom or something! I love it I love it! :)