Friday, September 28, 2007

Many Hands Make Light Work (or work lighter!)

Last weekend was spent doing a little office makeover. All I can say is thank goodness for family. Because what we accomplished in 2 1/2 days would have taken weeks without them. Thanks to grandmas for watching children and feeding the troops... Kyle and Amanda for scraping, taping, sanding, painting, pressuring washing, light hanging, cleaning... Dustin and Marge for landscaping, painting and cleaning, Steven and Rob for patching and painting... and Sarah and Danny for painting and moving furniture! The following are before and work in progress pictures. Stay tuned for after pictures!

The before picture.

Goodbye ugly, painted over wallpaper! This was my idea (Mike wasn't so excited to embark on this journey). It looks totally awesome now, but was definitely the hardest project we took on. This is my brother Kyle. He is our handyman!

We painted the waiting area and halls "Mesa." The walls were bright white...not so inviting for a dental office. This is my sister-in-law Amanda. She is our new front desk receptionist and assistant in training.

Grandma Lemme brought McDonald's for the hungry workers! She brought my kids along so they might get a glimpse of their parents that day.

Halle in my Dad's new toy, the excavator!

Goodbye hedges! It's amazing how many people have commented and expressed how glad they are that we took out the hedges. My brother Dustin own's a landscaping business (Lawnscapes) so he took care of the front for us.

Mike and I after a few hours of sanding drywall, because I insisted it be smooth like the rest of the walls. He frequently reminded me it was my idea to take the wallpaper off!

A clean slate!


ReBeCcA said...

Wow, just taking the bushes down already makes such a difference! I am excited to see the end results.

merideth said...

my most favorite thing is before and after pictures. how exciting for you both. can't wait to see more pics.

weibling said...

pumpkin! I am so proud of the blogging I can't even tell you. And the office looks fab!

Auburn & Dave said...

That sounds like a BUSY day, but I have to agree that the painted over wallpaper had to go, and the new landscaping looks fabulous.

The Soptich clan said...

You go girl! Nothing says I want a cleaning like a fabulous office! I'm excited to see the "after" pictures.

Kristi said...

It looks like a lot of work but will be so worth it! I am due for a cleaning so I guess I better head up and get in line:)

catherine yeates said...

it looks SOOOOO good. i can't wait to see the inside of it, and i want a close up of the water feature.

The ApplegarthFamily said...

I'm sure the office looks awesome with you as decorator, Crystal! You're amazing at that stuff. Looks great!