Thursday, September 6, 2007

First day of school, first day of school!

Today my first born had her first day of kindergarten! Boy do I feel old. Halle has been a little nervous about going to school in a new place. Specifically about making new friends, which has never been an issue. So I did my best to make it a very special day. The following pictures showcase the festivities!

Breakfast in bed, with Mickey pancakes, eggs, grapes and a fresh cut rose on the side!

Haven had to have breakfast in bed too, and she was kind enough to share with Asher.

Daddy and his big girl.

Her latest picture pose.

I love sister pictures. Haven was so excited when Halle got home! The first thing she said to her was, "Halle, do you want to play with me?"

Notice the little boy in the window!

After we let Asher out.

Polished to perfection!

The poor teacher totally blanked on the pledge! She requested help from the parents to help her through. You know how intimidating a room of 5 year olds can be!

I walked Halle to and from school which gave us a few minutes to talk. Tomorrow it's Daddy's turn. Halle had a great first day of school and reported meeting two new friends, Madison and McKayla! Last night, Halle's cousin stopped by to wish her good luck. After they left, Halle said, "That was nice, huh mom." This afternoon, Halle got phone calls from her aunts and uncles who were excited to see how her day had gone. I was touched by their thoughtfulness! I'm so proud of Halle! She is such a brave girl.


Kristi said...

Your kids are soooo cute! You and Mike look great! I am so glad to see how well you are doing! Here is my email if you get a sec - I would love to get back in touch with you! - Love ya - Kristi

KellyAnne said...

Holy COW! Crystal you are amazing. Mickey Mouse pancakes??? I am amazed. Halle is so lucky to have such a great Mom!

catherine yeates said...

cuteness, what a big girl! yeah halle! and yes, love the pose. i thought that she was supposed to have her have flipped out for school and curled in for church, or did i get that wrong!!! ;)

ReBeCcA said...

Yeah for Halle! and yeah for you! That's a big transition. Samantha starts on Monday. My goal is to be able to leave her there by herself and not sob like a little baby. ;)

Auburn & Dave said...

Loved the post!! Halle's "picture pose" is priceless and I love the picture of you and the girls with Asher staring out the window behind you all. I'm proud of you smiles on her first day of Kindergarten, I think I'll probably be crying the whole time ;o)