Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Glorious (and hilarious) day!

Our business deal is finally done and Mike had his first day of work today! What a huge relief! I thought working through dental school with three kids was tough, but the past two and a half months has been the most stressful, frustrating and exciting time of our lives! I think I had it in my mind that once we made it to graduation the rest was smooth sailing! Boy was I mistaken. I must have said 100 prayers of thanks today that Mike was finally at work!

Anyway, now we are moving on to a different set of challenges. At least these challenges will be accompanied by a paycheck! For those of you who need a little update of our situation here it is... In July we moved back home to beautiful Oak Harbor, Washington with the intention to close on a dental practice on August 1st. After enduring one delay after another, and keeping the office location confidential (as requested by the seller) we are finally in business and ready to drive around town with our heads out the window sharing the news! This is not an associateship, so Mike is the only dentist (the boss man, yikes)! We are really excited about the staff we inherited and the new receptionist/assistant we are hiring on (my sister-in-law, Amanda)! Stay tuned for pictures of the office before we get our hands dirty and add some curb appeal! The following are a few pictures of our special day (and a few extra funnies)!

When I was heading upstairs to lay Asher down, I hear Haven say, "I'll be the dentist girl, welcome to my office!" When I came back down stairs this is what I saw. She was wearing a dress up hat as a mask and using a barrette as her dental tool!

Then they traded places! All of this in anticipation of seeing Daddy's new office, I'm sure!

Mike's first patient, my mom!

At the end of day, we invited all of the family to come and see the office. We celebrated with Klondike bars! The girls got a kick out of the chairs!

Halle, making sure everything is in good working condition!

A funny side note: Today I happened upon this Barbie configuration! I always get a kick out of watching my kids play. My favorite part of this Barbie gathering is Ken sitting on the giraffe while leaning back on Barbie who is sitting in a arm chair! The girls really wanted to make sure I got the snakes (the belts and necklaces off to either side) in the picture as well!

Today before naps I was reading a Junie B. Jones book to the girls. This particular book was about Junie B.'s new baby brother who she lovingly (not) refers to as a monkey. This of course got us to talking about our own little monkey. Halle said Asher is like a monkey because he climbs on everything. Then out of nowhere, Haven said, "When Asher is stinky, we give him to Daddy. When he is cute and happy, we give him to you, Mom." I wonder where they would have gotten and idea like that?


Matt said...

Hey guys,

Congrats on the big day! What an exciting adventure you're about to embark on.

We're thrilled for you guys.

Now. When are you going to invite us up for another Hood Canal type weekend :)

Kristi said...

Congrats on the business! That is really exciting! I loved the picture of the girls Barbie collage! You guys are sure having a lot of fun up there!

Auburn & Dave said...

CONGRAUTLATIONS!!! Isn't it exciting to have him working, and what a blessing to have everything closed/done!! Keep us posted on how he likes it.

Kristi said...

I LOVE your new page layout - how in the world did you do it (Mrs. No Talent in the craftiness department asks Mrs Super Talented)

Alisha said...

Hey Crystal! It looks like Matt talked you into inviting us over to you place. :) If you are really serious about having us over we'd love to when you get all settled into your home and calling. (YW Pres. is perfect for you!) I'm in no rush for the bear claws - although they do sound really good right now. By the way, I hope you don't mind that I copied your project playlist idea for your blog. Your blog is so creative. Just like you!

Congrats on your new business!

catherine yeates said...

yep, love the blog, of course the colors are PERFECT!!! i can't wait to see before and after pics. of your office.
see you on thursday!!!

Kimball said...

Great news! Congratulations!