Friday, September 28, 2007

The kids get a cleaning

So now begins my back posting! Things have been nutty around here lately, so I have a lot to catch up on. Anyway, last week we had all three kids get their first cleaning. Halle has been talking about it for months now. She told her older cousin a few weeks ago that she couldn't wait until Thursday, because that was when she was going to her cleaning. Weird I know. Here a few pictures from the big day.

Asher loves the buttons! Hopefully he didn't reprogram anything.

Asher's favorite part of the office, the train table. Also take note of the beautifully painted over wallpaper. Stay tuned for what we did about that!

Notice Haven in the corner. She sat there covering her mouth with her hand during Halle's turn.

Halle was an awesome patient. She sat in the chair for 45 minutes while Daddy practiced taking x-rays with his new equipment, and Aunt Amanda was instructed on cleanings.

Asher and I observed from the hall. If he was on my shoulders, he wasn't rearranging things in the drawers.

Aunt Amanda did her first cleaning. She did great!

So after looking so worried when it was Halle's turn, Haven jumped right in the chair and was a rock star! Her favorite part was holding Mr. Thirsty all by herself.

The fluoride "chompers," it makes me gag just thinking of it.

Asher's turn. He adjusted the chair height all by himself.

Asher loves to brush with his new Little Einstein toothbrush.

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