Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A day with the Yeates

Three years ago, back when Justin and Mike were about to begin their 3rd year of dental school, we started a tradition of an annual camping trip with the Yeates family. It's been something we look forward to each year! (Just a little background, as I stated above, Mike and Justin were in the same dental school class, Catherine and I grew up in the same stake and wish we could be neighbors, and then all of our kids are the same age!) Anyway, this year has been a little crazy with graduation, moving and the job hunt and so we condensed our annual camping trip into one fun filled day, with the intent to make our reservations for next year this October!

Justin and Catherine brought the makings for a deluxe breakfast including french toast with nectarines and whip cream, eggs, hashbrowns, and a delicious creamy fruit salad! After breakfast, Catherine and I ducked out to "run and errand," while the boys did dishes and cleaned the kitchen and this kids played. Upon return we packed up and headed for what we refer to now as our beach, on the northwest shore of Deception Pass (at Deception Pass State Park where we normally camp.) The plan was to do a hot dog roast at the beach, but that seemed like too much work, and we were still full from our breakfast. Plus, we already had all the s'more stuff ready, what else did we really need?

We played at the beach for hours. The weather was perfect and the scenery unbeatable, especially as the fog lifted. We are so blessed to live in this area. As soon as we got to the beach, the kids were begging to go swimming, in the 40 degree water mind you! What's a parent to do? After all, today was the perfect day to run around the beach in your underwear! What classy parents we are. The kids were totally content to play in the water and sand for hours and we had a blast socializing with very few interruptions. Remind me why I don't go to the beach with friends more often. We concluded our evening at the beach with s'mores and then came home for dinner. The following pictures are some of the highlights.

Thanks Justin, Catherine, Freddy, Aly and Henry for spending the day with us!

The future couple (at least that's what the parents are hoping)

What kind of parents let their kids run around the beach in their underwear?

Haven, giving it a lot of thought!

Freddy and Halle to the rescue, how sweet!

Haven was a little bummed she got wet.

Besty friends!

Henry spent most of the afternoon traversing the driftwood.

Catherine, convincing a tired Henry that he would survive without a bottle.

Mike had an unfortunate encounter with bird poo.

The happy families!


merideth said...

hey how fun to read up on you guys...i think your summer was just as much fun and as crazy as ours was.
such cute pics of the kids.
how is halle liking kindergarten?

catherine yeates said...

OH MYYYYYY!!!! can i just copy and paste that one onto my blog. i am still going to post pictures about it, but it won't be as cute as yours. we really did have the best time. needs to happen MUCH more often.:)