Monday, September 3, 2007

Our not so traditional, but might become annual, Labor Day pizza party

So my family totally made fun of me when I pulled my camera out tonight and announced the title of my next blog post. I was feeling a little like my new blog was already experiencing a drought, so I was excited to have some new material.

Anyway, after spending the majority of Labor Day "helping" my children clean their room (feeling like a very grumpy mom) we decided to get the whole family together for an impromptu pizza and strawberry shortcake party! To heck with the traditional, very involved, BBQ! We organized our party one hour before we got together and everyone had a fun and relaxing time. By "just" inviting the family, we still had a gathering of 19 people. We sat around, ate pizza, salad and strawberry shortcake while Mike and my sister read to us from Bishop Higgin's blog (a very funny, sometimes mildly inappropriate, Mormon spoof.) My family is crazy! I'm sure the following pictures will make you want to have a Labor Day pizza party next year.

The spread!

The entertainment!

Aunt Marge and Brinlee (with her crazy leftover haird0)


Josephine and Aaron said...

Sounds super fun!!!1

The Soptich Side of things said...


catherine yeates said...

okay, so much fun today with you guys (yes i am blogging tonight!) and now we need to meet in bellingham for a date!